Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  1. My orders

    I didn’t receive my order confirmation, how can I find my order details?

    You can find all your ticket orders in your account, in the section "My orders".  You can also find your invoice in the same section of your account.

    Please check your spam or junk folders in your email inbox for your order confirmation.

    I would like to modify or cancel my order, how can I do this?

    All tickets are subject to the general terms and conditions of saleAll tickets remain the property of France 2023 and are non-refundable and non-transferrable without the consent of France 2023.

    All ticket orders are final.

    Should you wish to protect your purchase in the event you are unable to attend the match or matches purchased we offer the following options:

    We have provided the option to purchase Cancellation Insurance at the point of purchase. You can find all the information about cancellation insurance here.

    We will also launch the Official France 2023 ticket resale site - the only official place where fans can buy and sell tickets safely and securely.

    How can I download my invoice following my purchase?

    You can find and download your invoice from your account in the tab "My orders".

    I can't download my e-tickets?

    Your tickets will be available to download shortly before the start of the tournament. An email will be sent to you when they are ready to download.

    In the meantime, you can find all your orders on your account in the section "My orders".

    I have placed an order, will my seats be contiguous?

    For all orders placed in automatical mode (without choice of seats on a map), seats will be contiguous within the same order.

    If you have several orders, contiguity is not guaranteed between the different orders.


    If you buy tickets on a map, you choose your position directly.

    I have subscribed to the quarter-final option, how does it work?

    We invite you to go on the dedicated page. You will find all the information about this quarter-final option.  

  2. Payment Method

    Which payment methods are accepted?

    Only Mastercard, Visa and CB cards are accepted on our website.

    We are pleased to offer several flexible payment options: you can pay in full, you can pay in three instalments at no extra charge (for purchases over 200€), or you can share the payment with friends and family (for purchases over 21€). All information on payment methods can be found here.

    Can I benefit from payment facilities?

    We offer two types of payment facilities:

    Payment in 3 instalments for purchases over 200€. The first instalment must be paid directly at the time of order. The other two monthly instalments will be debited at 30 days and 60 days after placing your order. You can review your payment schedule at any time from your account in the tab "My Orders".

    Please note that non-payment of one of the monthly instalments will result in the cancellation of your order and a cancellation fee of 10€.

    For purchases over 21€, shared payment gives you the flexibility to invite each of your friends/family to come and pay their part.

    Please note that your friends will have to respect the maximum time limit of 72 hours to make their payment. Beyond this time, your order will be cancelled and a cancellation fee of 10€ will be charged.

    For more information on our payment methods, please go on dedicated page.

    What happens if the payment is rejected?

    If your payment has failed, the order will not be validated. It will then be necessary to place a new order with another valid means of payment. 

    In the case of a payment in three instalments, if one of the payments fails, your order will be awaiting resolution. You will therefore be able to rectify your order during the next 72 hours from your account in the tab "My orders". Please note that in the event of non-payment of one of the monthly instalments, this will result in the cancellation of the order and a cancellation fee of 10€.


    In the case of a shared payment, if one of your "co-payers" doesn’t pay their share, you will have 72 hours to pay their share and thus finalize the order. To do so, you will have to go to your account, in the "My orders" tab. Beyond this deadline, the order will be cancelled and a cancellation fee of 10€ will be charged.

    I would like to pay by credit card in 3 instalments at no extra charge, is it possible to pay my instalments in advance?

    It is not possible to pay instalments in advance.

    The first instalment will be paid directly with the order. The second instalment will be made 30 days later, then the third instalment 30 days after the second one.

  3. My account

    What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

    If you have forgotten the password for your account or if you have problems to access to your account, please click on "forgot password".

    You will receive an email detailing the process for resetting your password.

    How can I change my password?

    At any time, you can change your password from your account in the tab "My profile".

    How can I change my email address?

    You can change your email address at any time from your account in the tab "My profile".

     As a reminder, your email is used as a login to access your account.

  4. Ticketing offers

    How can I buy tickets for a match?

    This website ( is the only official website to purchase tickets for Rugby World Cup France 2023.  

    First, packs including several matches are the only products available. Currently all sales are closed.

    The next sale (single tickets) will take place on September, 13th at 6 pm (CET Time) for the Famille 2023 Members. 

    How many tickets can I order?

    For the single tickets sale, each buyer will be able to order a maximum of 6 tickets, including a maximum of 4 tickets for any knockout phase match. 
    You can find all the information on this topic on our dedicated page :
    We remind you that if you made different orders, the contiguity won’t be guaranteed.

    Which are the different ticket categories available?

    In each venue, 4 categories of seats are available. Generally in each venues the seating configuration is as described below. However, it may differ between venues so please refer to the individual venue seating maps:

    - Category 1: Along the side of the pitch between the try lines

    - Category 2: A corner of the stadium

    - Category 3: Behind the posts in the mid-tier

    - Category 4: Behind the posts either in the lower or upper tier

    What kinds of tickets are available for purchase?

    During our first sales phase (March, April 2021), two types of products were available: city packs and follow my team packs.

    During this second marketing phase (September 2021), two types of city packs were offered: two-match city pack and quarter-final city packs.

    For this third sales phases, we sold two matches packs including knock out phases matches. 


    The next sale (single tickets) will take place on September, 13th at 6 pm (CET Time) for the Famille 2023 Members. 

    Will single tickets be offered?

    Single tickets will be available on September, 13th at 6 pm (CET Time) for the Family 2023 Members. .

    You can find all the ticketing offers on our website.

    I would like to attend all the matches of my favourite team, how can I do this?

    During our first sales phase (march, April 2021), we proposed follow my team packs that allowed you to follow your favourite teams. Follow My Team packs was only available for the 12 teams already qualified: Argentina, Australia, England, Fiji, France, Italy, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa and Wales. 

    During our second sales phases (September 2021), only city packs two matches and quarter-finals city packs were proposed.

    These two sales phase are now closed. 

    The next sale (single tickets) will take place on September, 13th at 6 pm (CET Time) for the Famille 2023 Members. 

    Are there tickets available at a reduced price for concessions?

    There are no concessionary prices. All tickets are sold exclusively at full price.

    I would like to attend a match with my child, does he need a ticket?

    All children, regardless of age, must be in possession of a valid ticket to have access to the venue. There are no reduced prices for children.

    I do not live in France and would like to organize a trip to France for the France 2023 Rugby World Cup?

    Two options are available for you :

    - You can buy your tickets on our official ticketing website, and organize your trip by yourself.

    - You can purchase your tickets through an Official Travel Agency, which are the only agencies authorized to market Travel packages, including match tickets, for the Rugby World Cup France 2023. The marketing of these packages will begin from the month of March 2021. Find the list of Official Travel Agencies here.

    I would like information on the official travel programme?

    You can find all the information about the Official Travel Programme on the dedicated website. 

    Will the tickets be nominative?

    The tickets will be nominative. As soon as the tickets will be available on your account, you will be able to fill in the first and last name of the beneficiaries for each match. They can be different for each of them.

    The modification of beneficiary can be made at any time before downloading the e-tickets.

  5. B2B ticketing offers

    Are there any offers for Hospitality / Skyboxes / Lounges?

    We have a programme dedicated to Hospitality / Skyboxes / Lounges. You can find all the information about the available products on the dedicated website.

  6. Additional services

    What is the 96 hours option? And how does it work?

    At the end of your reservation, you will have the possibility to take the 96 hours option. This option will allow you to keep your tickets for 96 hours (3€ per order). 

    During this period, your reservation and the prices applied remain guaranteed. You will be able to pay and confirm your order at any time directly on your account in "My orders" section. We would like to remind you that no modification is allowed once the option have been received. If you want to complete your order, you will have to confirm all the products in the order.  

    If you don’t confirm your order within 96 hours, your order will be automatically cancelled. However, you will be charged for the 96 hours option (3€) 

    For more information, we invite you to visit the dedicated page

    How does payment in three instalments work?

    For orders above 200€, you can pay in three credit card instalments. To pay in 3 instalments at no extra charge, simply choose 3 instalments when you choose the payment method for your order.

    The first instalment will be paid at the time of purchase. The second payment will be made 30 days later and the third payment 30 days after the second payment.

    You will be able to consult your payment schedule from your account, in the tab "My orders". Please note that in the case of non-payment of a due date within 7 days your order will be cancelled. This will result in a cancellation fee of 10€ per order.

    How does shared payment works?

    For purchases over 21€, this payment method will allow you to share the payment of your tickets with each of your friends/family. No more chasing after people for payment!

    When choosing your payment method, you can choose to split the payment with several friends/family. You will have to indicate the first name, surname and email of each of your friends in order to define the amount to be paid. Your share will be calculated automatically and your friends/family will receive an email inviting them to pay their share within 72 hours. You will also be able to pay each share directly from your account in the "My orders" tab.

    However, please be careful to respect the 72-hour time limit for shared payment. After this period your order will be entirely cancelled. Cancellation of your order will result in a cancellation fee of 10€.

    How does cancellation insurance work?

    We offer all fans the opportunity to add our Cancellation Insurance product at the point of purchase. This insurance protects your purchase and guarantees you a full refund for your product (excluding additionnal services and quarter-finals). Please be aware this is a 7% surcharge on of the value of your order. This insurance covers the entire  package and cannot be claimed for a single match in your package. 

    Please ensure your retain your proof of purchase to ensure a full 100% refund. In the event you are unable to provide proof of puchase you will only be entitled to 70% of the full amount paid. 

    When you will have suscribed to the Cancellation Insurance, you will receive your susbription contract within 48 hours

    You will find all the information on our dedicated page.

    Is it possible to purchase cancellation insurance once I have placed my order?

    Usually, you can only subscribe to the cancellation insurance when you buy your ticket. However, we offer you the possibility to subscribe to this insurance after your purchase. You will only have one week, from 15/02/2022 to 22/02/2022.

    To subscribe, this is very simple: Go on your personal account, in the section “My orders”. Click on the button “Ensure my tickets” and follow the indications to finalize the order.

    If you do not want to subscribe, there is nothing to do. The order will disappear as soon as the deadline will be ended.

    As a reminder, the cancellation insurance amount is 7% of the total amount order (except for the quarter final option). For more information, we invite you to go on our dedicated pages :

  7. Accessibility tickets

    I have an accessibility requirement (for example I require a wheelchair space or an easy access seat), when can I apply for tickets?

    Accessibility booking is now open on our dedicated page
    You will be able to book one seat per match, with or without ancompanion, up to maximum of three seats. 

    How do I upload a supporting document?

    You have to upload your supporting document directly on your account, in the section "My document". All the process is explained on our dedicated page

    As a reminder, in order to confirm your order, you must upload your document. Without these supporting documents, we will have to unconfirm your order. 

    When will my order be confirmed?

    Your order will be definitively confirmed once the payment is effective.
    As a reminder, our teams will first have to confirm your supporting document (uploaded on your account).  And then, if everything is compliant, we will confirm and proceed to the order payment.

    No action will be required on your part.

    Is it possible to add general public seats to my disabled order?

    Unfortunately, you cannot add general public ticket to your accessibility order. Accessibility tickets have dedicated seats in each stadium. We can, therefore, in no way guarantee the proximity of general public and accessibility seats. 
    As a reminder, the sale limit is fixed at one companion for one disabled person.  

    Is it possible to have more than one companion for a disabled person?

    The sale limit has been fixed at one companion for one disabled person.  So, it's not possible to add more than one companion. 

    Will dedicated parkings be available?

    At the moment, there is no offer for parkings on our website or on the Rugby World Cup host stadiums. 
    We invite you to suscribe to our newsletter to be informed of the next sales. 

  8. Donation to the association Rugby Au cœur

    What is Rugby au Cœur and how will donations be used?

    Rugby au Coeur, The Enodowment Fund for Rugby World Cup France 2023, aims to bring rugby to other fields, such as schools, hospitals and underprivileged areas, to help meet the challenges ou society faces. 

    Our ambition is to enable Rugby World Cup fans stakeholders to help support projects that matter to France 2023 and the global rugby family, with high added social values, at the heart of our communities.

    All donations will be used to support projects that respond to major social issues : 

    - Education 

    - Disability & Health 

    - Equal opportunity 

    Visit Rugby Au Coeur for more information 

    Will I receive a tax receipt?

    Some countries permit charitable donations to be offset against a tax liability. If you make an opt-in donation when purchasing your tickets, you will receive an email from our partner Common Cents containing a link to create an account. If you wish to receive a tax receipt to claim against your tax liability, please use the link to create your account. Once done, you will receive a confirmation email and your tax receipt will be sent to you at the end of the calendar year for use as proof of donation when submitting a tax return.

    For further information, please contact

  9. Contact us

    How to contact us?

    If you haven't found the answer to your question, we invite you to contact us via the contact form.

    Our customer service will answer you as soon as possible by email.